Meaning of Number Roses

As if choosing a specific rose color weren’t enough to express your innermost thoughts, you can convey your message through the number of stems or the type of rose you select. Our comprehensive guide to the numbers and meanings of roses is your resource for rose interpretation.

Single Rose You are the one/Love at the first dight
2 Roses Deeply in love with you
3 Roses I love you
4 Roses Nothing can do us apart
5 Roses Admire you /I love you very much
6 Roses I wanna be yours
7 Roses I’m infatuated with you
8 Roses Grateful for your caring and support
9 Roses An eternal love, together as long as we live
10 Roses You are perfect
11 Roses You are my treasured one
12 Roses Be mine
13 Roses Forever friends /Also indicate that there is a secret admirer waiting to be discovered.
14 Roses Be Proud
15 Roses I’m truly sorry/ forgive me
16 Roses Bon Voyage
17 Roses You are my Wife.
18 Roses Stay young and beautiful Trueness, sincerely
19 Roses Forever love, waiting for you
20 Roses I’m sincere towards you/ Believe me
21 Roses I’m committed to you
22 Roses Both of us together Good luck to you
24 Roses You’re always on my mind. Stand for the twenty-four hours of the day, and say that the loved one is thought of during every hour of the day
25 Roses Wishing you happiness
27 Roses I love you, my dearest wife
30 Roses It’s faith
33 Roses Saying “I love you” with great affection
36 Roses I will remember our romantic moments
37 Roses I am saying I love you in my heart
40 Roses My love for you is Genuine
44 Roses Till death do us apart/Pledge a constant and an unchanging love
47 Roses You are my only one
48 Roses Unchanging love
50 Roses Unconditional love/ Signify a love that has ripened well, and has never been regretted
51 Roses Only you on my mind
56 Roses I love
66 Roses Nothing gonna change my love
77 Roses I believe it’s faith to meet you
88 Roses I feel sorry from the bottom of my heart
99 Roses I’ll love you till the day I die
100 Roses I’m totally devoted to you / Signify a happy union of two loving souls till death or till a hundred years
101 Roses You are my one and only
108 Roses Will you marry me?
111 Roses Eternal love
144 Roses Loving you day and night eternally
365 Roses I love you every single day / Speak of a love that has remained constant and true throughout the year
999 Roses My love will last till the end of time
1001 Roses Infinite love /Speak of a faithful love that will live on forever