Lecrin Flower's

Seal Box Workshop

Two Dried Leaves



L'ecrin Flower, it is a botanical art where the flowers are decorated in a three-dimensional frame, carefully dried to preserve their colors and shapes as in their natural and most beautiful state. It is fun and interesting when creating your own art work. And this is a class that giving you the experience to feel the fun of making L'ecrin flower art piece and at the same time, you will know how to dry and keep the dried flowers. For those who has zero knowledge about floristry, no worries! We will guide you from the beginning until your art work is created. Lets try!!

Workshop Details:

The workshop will include the following:
1. Basic Lecrin flower caring
2. Explanation on how to arrange the flower and to seal the frame box.
3. Item can be brought home upon completion.

Sealed box size : 110x145x28mm

Backing paper size : 115mmx80mm

Cardboard frame size: 110x145mm


**Note : All materials are imported from Japan.



You may prepare your own art paper/2R photo/ small zakka stuffs [less than 1.3cm thickness) /ribbons, etc.

 Date : Please call for booking (Monday to Saturday)

 Time : Please call for booking (10 am to 6 pm)

 Fee : RM170 per person

 (including all materials, tools, and guidance fee)

Registration and payment method:


Online Transaction


Name: Luseary Flower

Bank Acc Number: 5628 4352 3636

ID: SA0523178A

Class location:

Luseary Flower, Kiosk 3A, G floor,

Sunsuria Forum @7th Avenue,

40170, Setia Alam,

Shah Alam, Selangor.


**Please snap shot and send the payment receipt to Whatsapp +60135280736 to make reservation.



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