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L'écrin Flower

- The Latest Flower Art

As you know that, pressed-flower flattens the flowers; Preserved-flower can last a long time, but in fact the colors are artificially added later.

As for L'ecrin Flower, it is a botanical art where the flowers are decorated in a three-dimensional frame, carefully dried to preserve their colors and shapes as in their natural and most beautiful state. In addition, the frame is sealed with the latest technique from Japan to avoid discoloration so that the flowers can be kept in blossom for the longest time. 


This artistic creation and personal style are combined as can lead your home and shop become elegant and sophisticated.

We are honoured that we are the FIRST REGISTERED florist in Malaysia who qualified by Japan to do this flower art, selling L'écrin flower's item, and so in teaching (certificate will be issued by L'écrin Flower Japan). 

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